Environmental improvements for health

Sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. When these five senses are in comfortable harmony, our immune systems will activate and maintain our health.
AGX utilizes technology with health as a priority to keep providing products that will resonate through your five senses.


AGX Co., Ltd. was newly established from Kitagawa Manufactory Co., Ltd. which had 50 years of experience in architecture. We act to keep supporting an environment where our clients can live healthy lives, and to this end, we aim to carefully select and keep providing building materials as they are assets for healthy living.

In times when health hazards by mold are increasing, we introduced technology to suppress mold growth within living spaces and launched "Caby" to protect our many clients from the threat of mold.
Our product creates an environment that mold cannot survive by eliminating nutrients for the mold, such as water from condensation, and organic substances rather than using chemicals to kill off the mold.

If chemicals are used, it is clear that it will cause harm to humans and not only mold. The same can be said for pesticides used in agriculture, and preservatives used in foods. It has become an age where we each as an individual has to have the knowledge and protect one's body.
Maintaining a comfortable living in the true sense will directly lead to "happiness" and healthy life.
We aim to be a leading company that fuses good traditional building technology and the latest to create new health norms.

We look forward to your continued support through times to come.

Chief Executive Officer
Naoyuki Asogawa

Company Overview

Company NameAGX Co., Ltd.
Formerly Kitagawa Industry Co., Ltd.
CEONaoyuki Asogawa
LocatedHead office
4-2-9 Uchikyuhoji Chuo-ku,Osaka City,Osaka
HistoryOct 1970 Kitagawa established Kitagawa manufactory in Sennan-gun Osaka
Nov 1997 Transferred head office to Kishiwada Osaka
Nov 1997 Naoyuki Asokawa took over the post of CEO
Oct 2011 Capital stock increased to 74 million yen
Mar 2016 Acquired gravel pit in Biratori-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido
Mar 2016 Established Hokkaido branch office
Oct 2017 Transferred Head Office to Chuo-ku Osaka
Feb 2019 Merged with Polyguru International Co., Ltd.
Nov 2019 Changed company name to AGX Co., Ltd.
Dec 2019 Established Tokyo Head Office
Origin of Company NameA beautiful Geo with Air, water and soil forever.

Air, water, soil
X beauty forever
Permit NumberOsaka Prefectural Governor Permit (General-22) No. 14542

Member introduction

Chief Executive OfficerNaoyuki Asogawa

1990 Graduated from Osaka Gakuin University
1990 Joined Imagawa Misawaya Securities (Now Retela Crea Securities Co., Ltd. )
1997 Appointed CEO of Kitagawa Manufactory Co., Ltd. (Now AGX Co., Ltd.)
2000 Established Renovation 21 and appointed CEO
2010 Appointed CEO of Polyglu International Co., Ltd. (Now AGX Co., Ltd.)
2016 Appointed CEO of BRIGEAS Co., Ltd.

Vice PresidentHideaki Uchitomi

1982 Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University
1991 MBA from Western Reserve University in US
1991 Joined The Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd.
1998 Appointed Director of GE Capital and Takashima Co., Ltd.
2010 Appointed CEO of Eco Japan Co., Ltd.
2017 Appointed CEO of iCeramic Technology Co., Ltd.
2019 Appointed CEO of EXELA Co., Ltd.
2019 InoCrowd Japan partner

ConsultantMinoru Honzawa

Chief Advisor of KEIRETSU JAPAN/Guest professor for Saitama Gakuen University
Graduated from Tokyo University Faculty of Agriculture, Cambridge Graduate School, Ph.D. in Economics at Saitama University Graduate School
Engaged in international and domestic financial institution transactions
Established an investment company with the Development Bank of Japan and involved in corporate revitalization and buyouts.

Legal ConsultantKaoru Hashimoto

Osaka Senba Law Firm


Head Office