Versatile mold-free containers

For sea,land,and import/export transportation

For sea,land,and import/export transportation

For mobile warehouses and storage

For mobile warehouses and storage

For temporary facilities in the event of a disaster

For temporary facilities in the event of a disaster

Primary specifications for the Caby-containers

Caby-container uses the most commonly distributed common marine containers.
In addition to its conventional over sea transportation, it can also be used for warehouses on land.


Caby Containers
  • Dramatically decreased anti-mold measures during transportation
  • No water dripping from condensation
  • Can carry flammable contents due to containers being non-flammable
  • Can protect heat-sensitive contents
  • Effective space usage due to it not needing inner lining or air ducts
Optional usage exampleProduct nameTypeProduct nimberAreaDepthWidthHightSpecificationsSelling priceNew rentalUsed rentalNotes
Distribution of food,
leather and clothes
Caby-container1010ftCC107.29m²2,991mm2,438mm2,591mmCompliant with ISO standard430,000yen20,000yen14,000yen-
Caby-container1212ftCC128.9m²3,658mm2,438mm2,591mmCompliant with ISO standard450,000yen22,000yen15,000yen
Caby-container2020ftCC2014.76m²6,058mm2,438mm2,591mmCompliant with ISO standard480,000yen25,000yen17,000yen
Caby-container4040ftCC4029.7m²12,192mm2,438mm2,591mmCompliant with ISO standard800,000yen39,000yen25,000yen

※ Delivery and installation costs will be charged separately.
※ All the prices shown do not include tax.
※ Other sizes and high cube types are also available.

Maintenance Warranty System

Eligibility for Warranty

Customers who purchased the products of Caby, which are constructed by Caby and sold at authorized shops. For customers who are renting the products, the eligibility of warranty holds during the term of renting contract.

The Warranty Period

Free of charge for one year.
4 years extended (in total 5 years) warranty period is available with the cost of an additional 8% of the product price (excluding taxes).

Extending the warranty period after that is an additional 5% per year.
The maximum warranty term is 10 years.

Content of Warranty

年Free of charge once a year inspection (excluding transportation fee)
If any mold appears on our products’ surface during the warranty period, it can be replaced with a new product or repaired free of charge. Mold occurrence verification or a report can be issued for value.

Warranty of Effectiveness
Warranty of replacement for free of charge.

If the requirements below are both met:
1. Used under a suitable situation.
2. No inferior quality beneath the wallpaper.

Delivery fee

Delivered by 4 tons track or a trailer, etc. 

If asked for the installation services, unit car or rough-terrain cranes.

Please refer to a table below for a rough estimate of the delivery fee.

For an official estimate, please contact us. (excluding taxes)

DistanceUp to 20 feetUp to 40 feet
Up to 20km from a harbor30,000 yen45,000 yen
Up to 60km50,000 yen80,000 yen
Up to 100km70,000 yen120,000 yen
Up to 200km110,000 yen170,000 yen
Up to 300km140,000 yen200,000 yen
Up to 500km200,000 yen280,000 yen
After that, per 50km10,000 yen15,000 yen

※Shipping locations for used containers are subject to change.

About our purchase system

We will buy containers, trunk rooms and unit houses you have used at high prices to reuse it after special reconstruction.
We will provide free assessments anywhere in the country if you will send us photos.
※We will ask for additional photos depending on the situation.

We will then provide a purchase price and pick up fares.
Depending on the amount of damage we may be unable to purchase.

About our lease system

When applying we require your application to go through a screening process.
We will ask for rental fees equal to 3 months to be paid as an insurance fee at the time of contract.
This insurance fee will be returned when canceling the contract and deducting return shipping fees and retouch fees.
National shipping fees will be charged separately.

Container specifications

nternal finish: Ceiling: Wall 3.2mm print dressing veneer (Adopting ☆☆☆☆ standard and E0 standard) Flooring:18mm veneer+ Caby coat painting
Heat insulation: Ceiling: Styrofoam 50mm Wall: Styrofoam 30mm Door: Styrofoam 30mm * Excluding S
Air vent: Plastic water intrusion prevention cover: 4~12 locations (The number will vary depending on the series)

Construction Contract/Delivered Installation/Promoted furnishings

Approved Application CostSite investigation, consultation with government, designing, structure examination, procedures1 application600,000 yen ~
Examination FeeIntermediate examination, final examination, meetings with fire departmentDepending on working hoursActual cost
A Geological Survey’s CostPlate bearing testOne time200,000 yen
Foundation ConstructionIndependent footing foundationPer visitingEstimated additionally
Other ConstructionsDistrict planning, No. 53 and No. 73 applicationsPer visitingActual cost
Delivery FeeDepending on the vehicle types and distance of delivery. 10ft is 2 per vehicle.1 per vehicle50,000 yen ~
Premium Local HarborUnloading at a harbor other than YokohamaPer one50,000 yen ~
Construction Fee20 feet 1 unit (including the cost of connection bolts)Per visiting400,000 yen ~
20 feet 2 units connected (including the cost of connection bolts)Per visiting600,000 yen ~
20 feet 3 units connected (including the cost of connection boltsPer visiting800,000 yen ~
More units to the same site, per unit connected+200,000 yen ~
A Signboard for Recruitment AdvertisementDesigning your own signboard for your site.Per placeEstimated additionally

Mechanism behind generation and suppression of mold

Not only does mold cause damage, but the effect the mold has on the human body is also seen as a serious problem. Here, we introduce the information and countermeasures for a type of mold aspergillosis that can cause pneumonia and the "mold-free mechanism" of mold-free warehouse Caby series.

Mechanism behind generation and suppression of mold